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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a driver’s license to ride a Segway?
    No. The Segway HT’s are classified as Personal Assistance Mobility Devices. You are considered a pedestrian when riding.
  2. Is there a minimum age to take the tour?
    Due to insurance requirements, you must be 12 years or older to ride. If you are 18 years or younger you must be accompanied on the tour by an adult 25 years or older.
  3. Is there a weight requirement / limitation?
    Yes, gliders must weigh between 100 lbs and 300 lbs to take the tour.
  4. Do I have to sign a waiver?
    All Segway gliders must sign a liability waiver before participating. Gliders 18 years or under must have an adult 25 years or above sign for them and participate in the tour with them.
  5. Do I have to wear a helmet?
    It is our policy to require all gliders to wear a helmet. One will be provided to you free of charge.
  6. I’m a Santa Barbara local – will I enjoy this tour?
    Even if you have seen beautiful Santa Barbara before, you’ll still enjoy the unique experience of riding a Segway. Our guides are also incredibly knowledgeable of the area and are sure to tell you new stories about your favorite Santa Barbara sites and venues.
  7. What happens if it rains?
    The activity usually runs in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, but we may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If we cancel the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event.
  8. Are restrooms available?
    Yes, restrooms are available at the meeting location. There are also public restroom stops along the tour route. If you should need to stop, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.
  9. Can I buy food or drinks along the way? What about souvenirs?
    Our tour is structured so that we can visit many Santa Barbara landmarks in the allotted time. This leaves very little time for any other stops. We recommend you arrive full, as you can only bring necessary items on the Segway.
  10. Can more than one person ride at a time?
    No. Unfortunately, Segways are single person vehicles.
  11. Do Segways have the ability to store bags, purses?
    We have the ability to transport necessary items like cameras and medications. However, we advise you to keep your personal items to a minimum as our storage capacity is VERY limited.
  12. Will I be able to take pictures along the way?
    Yes!! Bring your camera to capture all the sights of beautiful Santa Barbara. You will have plenty of photo opportunities and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of them!
  13. How much time of the tour is actually spent on a Segway?
    The majority of the time will be on the Segway. We start with a brief 20 minute training session and safety video and then ride on the Segway for most of the tour. There will be a few stops for the group to take pictures and enjoy the amazing scenery.
  14. Are the tours conducted in English only?
    Yes, the tours are only conducted in English. However, our non-English speaking guests will still enjoy the experience of riding a Segway and seeing the California coastline.
  15. Do I need to have good balance to ride a Segway?
    The Segway HT does most of the work for you. You must be able to stand independently but the Gyros do the balancing part!
  16. Are gift certificates available?
    Yes, we do offer gift certificates. For purchase and more information, please click “Contact SegwaySB” to the left of the page.
  17. Do you offer private/corporate/business events?
    Yes. Segway of Santa Barbara offers private events, corporate team building, and rentals. We can accommodate a variety of special requests. Please click “Contact SegwaySB” link to inquire further.
  18. What sizes do the T-Shirts come in?
    The T-Shirts range in size from MENS Small to XXL; WOMENS Small to XL. Shirts are of the highest quality American Apparel Pre-Shrunk Cotton Tees.